Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Late, but not too late

Some of my ideas or leadings seem to come at the last minute. I might be working on a sermon and get this idea to have someone share their testimony, which would perfectly illustrate my point. Unfortunately, it's Saturday afternoon that I think of this and very few are willing to share on that short of notice. My latest idea is no exception to the rule. As a church we usually try to do something to minister to people in our community around Thanksgiving. We have had Thanksgiving dinners at the church for those who had no place to go and we have even delivered prepared Thanksgiving meals to some who receive meals on wheels.

This year, Lloyd and I were going to be out of town on Thanksgiving so preparing a meal for the community wasn't a great option. So I got the idea of giving out Thanksgiving Baskets to some people in our community and seeing if any of our LIFE groups would be interested taking up the cause. Of course this was last Wednesday, just a week before Thanksgiving. I threw out the idea to Brandon and he liked it, so I sent an email to LIFE group leaders. To my delight, we had a number of our groups gladly accept the service opportunity.

Groups purchased and put together a basket with all the food necessary for a Thanksgiving meal and then delivered it to various people in our community. One group brought their basket over to a lady who was thrilled to receive it. She shared that her family was just wondering what they were going to do for Thanksgiving because they were not able to get the fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner. The LIFE group leader replied, "God knew that and that's why He had us bring this basket."

What a joy to be used by God to bless another and to serve as a community of believers together in this way. May God use each of us to bless someone this Thanksgiving and every day for His glory. Have a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving!

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