Thursday, July 29, 2010

Appointment with God

Don Postema wrote, "I used to write in my daily calendar '7-7:30 a.m.: Prayer.' But many times I passed that up. It was one more thing to pass by that day. Now I write '7-7:30 a.m.: God.' Somehow that's a little harder to neglect."

I thought about that and the idea of an 'appointment with God'. Oh sure, I've heard the phrase used many times, but I'm afraid I've glossed over the significance of that phrase in the past.

I have meetings and appointments with people weekly. Someone may have an issue they want to discuss, so I'll set up an appointment to meet with that person at such and such a time. When I have an appointment, I try and make sure I keep it unless an emergency arises.

Let's say that someone stops by to simply chat, but I have an appointment in fifteen minutes. I will usually cut that time of casual chatting short, so I'm not late. I try and schedule the rest of my day around my appointments. It honors the person I'm meeting with and shows them that they are important. If I simply skipped the appointment, it would seem rude and inconsiderate.

You do that with doctor's appointments and other appointments. You reschedule only if you have to, but typically you order the rest of your day around the appointment. Only if something is of greater importance do we skip that appointment or reschedule it.

So what do you and I do about our appointment with God? Do you have a daily appointment with God scheduled? Do you schedule your day around your appointment with God or do you try to fit Him in when you have time? When we skip that daily appointment with God, what does that say about the importance of God in our lives?

Now some of you may be thinking, "Well, God is always with me. I can meet with Him any time, so I don't need to schedule an 'appointment' to meet with God."

Doctrinally speaking, I agree with you that God is always present with us, wherever we go. There is no place we can flee from His presence. However, just because He is always with us, doesn't mean He always has our attention. I can attend a football game and sit next to someone for three hours and leave that stadium not even knowing the person's name. God doesn't merely want to be present with us, He wants our attention. He wants that one on one appointment time where we focus on Him.

I feel bad when someone cancels an appointment with me or leaves me waiting because something better came up. I wonder how God feels?

So when's your next appointment with God? Don't leave Him wating!


  1. I have been slacking. Thanks for the rebuke:) I just posted an extremely overdue post. God's Blessings!