Friday, May 7, 2010

Daniel and the Sea Serpent

I think it was about three years ago that I and my family were returning from a vacation. My sons asked me to tell them a story to occupy the time as we traveled. So I started telling them about a boy named Daniel and his encounter with a sea serpent. Each night they asked for a little more of the story and continued to ask for it after we returned home. As I thought about the story, I realized it would make a fun and exciting youth novel. After many, many hours of writing, numerous rewrites, critiques and edits, I finally have published Daniel and the Sea Serpent.

Christy and I are planning to use any royalties we might receive (I realize that's a big MIGHT, since people actually have to buy the book) to help pay for the adoption that we are pursuing. We'll see what happens.

I hope through the book that young people and adults discover the importance of trusting God's Word. God's Word has fallen into disrepute these days and many view it merely as a humanly composed book full of myths and stories. They find no authoritative value in the scripture, only some thoughtful advice to consider. Of course, once we throw out the authority of scripture we might was well throw out our faith altogether.

If you want to check out the book you can go to

You can read an excerpt of chapter one at Simply click on the "search inside this book" link after you get to the site.

I'm currently working on book two and hope to have it completed and available by next spring. If you do read it and enjoy it, I would appreciate it if you wrote a review for me at Amazon. Thanks for checking it out!

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  1. We will definitely check this out -- we've got a bunch of readers in our household and we are always looking for a good read.

    Great job Scott!