Friday, March 12, 2010

I Found It!

No, this isn't actually 'part 2' to my previous post. However, I did like the connection in the titles and it does deal with something lost and my wife. But before I divulge any more information, I need to mention that my wife has given me consent to share the information that follows. Any and all such uses of this information by others are solely the responsibility of the user. I can not be held liable for any such use that may bring her embarassment. Remember, she has consented to my use of this information. Frankly, I think the story that follows is a fitting ironic balance to my extolation of her ability to find items in the previous blog. So without further adieu, here's what happened.

Tuesday evening Christy asked me if I knew where her cell phone was. I knew exactly where it was, but I rebuked her for having lost something in the first place and needing to ask me where it was instead of finding it herself. No, I didn't actually do that (and if you read my previous blog entry you'll understand the full extent of my sarcasm). In reality, I had no clue where her cell phone was, but I did help her look. We called her phone, but couldn't hear it ringing anywhere in the house. I went to church and did the same thing with no success. We checked the van, purse, coats, and even checked the gym at the elementary school where she remembered using it last. Nothing.

This really bothered her, because she didn't know if someone else had it and what they might do. We decided to suspend the cell phone service until we could locate it. Where could it be? We prayed last night and this morning, asking the LORD to help us find it. I know it was a minor thing, but God cares even about those minor things.

When I came home for lunch today (three days after it was lost), my wife had a huge grin on her face and said, "Guess where I found my phone?"

I had no clue. "Where?" I asked.

"The freezer!"

How it got there, we may never know.

So what do we learn from a frozen cell phone (frozen in more ways than one, since I had suspended the service also)?

Sometimes I think our prayer lives are frozen. A lot of things can freeze our prayer lives. Sin obviously can do that. In Lamentations 3:42-44, we read that sin hinders our prayers like a cloud covering God.

Busyness can freeze our prayer lives. Satan loves to fill our plate so full that prayer gets set aside as something we'll get to later when the plate's not so full. But guess what? The plate always stays full unless we make room. That's why godly leaders like Martin Luther chose to spend more time in prayer when they had a particularly busy day.

Lack of faith can put the frost on our prayers. Do you really believe that bringing your requests to the LORD makes a difference? If we feel that ultimately the results are up to us, then prayer is optional. In fact, you may think prayer actually takes time away from doing the things that will make a difference. I wonder how many believers feel that way deep down inside. Yet even Jesus walked this earth with an absolute dependence and faith that His Father would act in response to His prayer. He spent all night sessions in prayer because He knew that His Father would hear and respond. Sometimes we question whether God will hear and respond, but Jesus said He would. In John 16:23-27, Jesus informed His disciples that the Father would give them whatever they asked for in His name, becasue the Father Himself loved them. Prayer matters, because God cares.

Christy was quite relieved to find her cell phone. God responded to our prayers for even that small matter. I called Verizon and reactivated the service. Her cell phone and service are now unfrozen, and hopefully our prayer lives remain that way as well.

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