Saturday, February 13, 2010

Silly Putty and Valentine's Day

Silly Putty! That's right, it was silly putty. If silly putty had not been invented I don't know where I would be today. Silly putty changed my life.

O.K. maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but silly putty did have an impact on me. I cleverly utilized silly putty as a decoy that allowed me to slip my fingers around Christy's for the first time and hold her hand. "Silly" isn't it (pun absolutely intended)? You probably remember the first time you held a girl or boyfriend's hand. A rush of exhilaration coursed through your body. You probably didn't say much, because you were worried if the other person noticed your palm was sweaty. So you just sat there in that phalangelical embrace (I know the phrase won't catch on, but I just had to use it. And in case your wondering, it has nothing to do with angels or evangelicals).

Early in dating, every moment with that person thrills you. Everything is new and fresh. You can't wait to spend time with the person and just be with him or her. Then as time passes and you get to know the individual the newness can fade. You start to hear the same stories again or the same jokes and the person's hand in your hand is an all too familiar feeling. The early thrill wanes and the relationship can stale.

Though love can grow cold, it doesn't have to. You can nurture love with your spouse, but you must be intentional. One of things I've found to keep the spark vibrant in a relationship is to regularly pursue shared adventure as a couple. And I'm not talking about a trip to the Himalayas to climb Mount Everest (though that certainly would be an adventure). It can be any variety of new tasks or challenges you take on together as a couple. But honestly, I've found that following Christ's leading in your life will set you on the greatest adventure. When you pray together, read His word, listen to His voice, and obey you will discover an amazing adventure in life.

That's the beauty of our LORD Jesus. The infinite depth of His personality continually challenges our pursuit to know Him. The more we know about Him, the more we want to know. We have the privilege of consistently entering into deeper levels of "newness" in our relationship with Him. I don't think we ever grow 'comfortable' with Christ. What I mean by that is He continually urges us to go deeper. We don't hear the same old stories with our LORD, but He opens His word to us in new ways that we have not noticed. I can't tell you how many times I've read a passage of scripture that I may have read fifty times before and yet the LORD shows me something new.

Our relationship with Christ is one that never should go stale. And when we have a spouse joining us in that Divine adventure, our marriage never needs to stale. This Valentine's day spend some time in Scripture and praying with your spouse. Renew your adventure of faith with the LORD and with each other. Then say, "I Love you," first to Jesus then to your spouse. And if you need some silly putty, ask me and I'll pick some up for you.

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