Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life Lessons from Lucy (yes, that's my dog)

I love my dog. Really. OK, maybe I don't love her, but I like her. Well, maybe that's even stretching it. Let's say I tolerate her and leave it at that. I try to excuse some of her behaviors by the fact that she has a small brain. I even tell her that sometimes and she doesn't seem to mind. She greets me with a wagging tail when I come home, stays out of the kitchen when we eat, and has even learned a few tricks. What amazes me the most is how she desperately wants to be with us (her pack). If we pack up to go somewhere she panics fearing she'll be left behind. If we do leave her at home she can't wait until we return (at least that's how she reacts when we do come back). She just doesn't want to be away from us.

Okay so now here's the convicting part. How do I respond to my Savior? Am I eagerly awaiting His return? Do I desperately want to spend time with Him? Do I obey His word? Sadly, there are many times I probably don't act as loyal to Christ as my dog acts to me. So in that sense, I can learn something from Lucy (even if she does have a small brain).

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